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A gamers clan for just about everything with a focus on Runescape
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 Joining the Runescape clan

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PostSubject: Joining the Runescape clan   Fri Oct 22, 2010 6:21 pm

Want to join but dont think you are a high enough level. Well i have news for you there are divisions in the clan so that we can take all levels. and yes even skillers are welcome.
Divsion I 138-126
Division II 125-100
Division III 99-75
Division IV 74-50
Division V 49-25
Division VI 24 or lower
Division VII Stealing Creation

so here how it goes in game you must follow the rules of Jagex Ltd.
Jagex rules

here the form i want you to fill out for me

Runescape username:
Division #: (can be in VII and a pk one)
Time zone:

please post your request to join as a new thread
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Joining the Runescape clan
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